Problem creating an Articulate Package.

For whatever reason, I can't seem to create an Articulate package. I have Articulate Suite '09, Microsoft Office 2010, and Windows 7.

I follow all the steps indicated but then the process freezes. The status says "copying package" and stays like that for an hour without moving on or actually creating anything.  I then get an error message saying: "There was an error creating the package file."


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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Tanya!

If your presentation is more than 2 GB in size, you may encounter the following error when attempting to create an Articulate Presenter Package or to zip the published output:

   "There was an error creating the zip file."

Please review the following article for more information and a solution:
Tanya Walsh

Thanks for the reply.

My file was approximately 1GB, so I am confused as to why I couldn't create an Articulate Package.

Anyway, if I give somebody a file folder which contains my PowerPoint presentation AND my Articulate Presenter Project will that enable them to edit my presenation? (At this point, I don't have any Articulate Engage or Quizmaker components.)


Peter Anderson

Hi Tanya, 

Really, the only way you can be sure that all the resources are included, would be to use the Articulate package. This article helps explains why. It's unusual that you aren't able to package the files, and we'd like to help you resolve that. Are you working from a network or USB drive, by any chance?

Peter Anderson

Hi Tanya

I'd recommend that you use the following workflow:

1. Use the Send to Articulate Presenter Package feature to make an exact copy of the project and the included Engage interactions and Quizmaker quizzes per the method in the article below:

2. Copy the resulting zip file to your network drive for storage and sharing.

3. When you need to edit or publish the presentation, copy the zip file to your local hard drive and extract it.

4. Edit and / or publish the presentation.

5. Then repeat steps 1-4 as necessary.

By working with the project files on your local hard drive, you'll prevent any corruption or erratic behavior of the files that might have occurred by working on a network drive. Also, this method ensures that all your Engage interactions and Quizmaker quizzes stay properly linked together.

Michaela Klingspor

I experience similar problems with the articulate package. I did send a package to my colleague who unzipped it and published the content to web. However, he was not able to see any of the embedded engage interactions or the quiz although he did open them in the presentation first before publishing. He even previewed the individual engage slides and all worked well. But once the content was published, none of the interactions were displayed. What could be the issue here? He confirmed that he saved it to a local drive.

Thanks for any advice in advance.


Tanya Walsh

Sorry, I haven't had that particular problem. I seem to be able to create an Articulate Packages, as long as I do so on my "C" drive. I then can save them to my network drive.

I haven't yet sent the package to someone else for them to publish.

I hope that someone on the Articulate staff can help you.