Problem in adding annotations to a slide with fade animation

Hi All,

I am trying to add a spotlight annotation to a slide without success.

I wuold like to highlight a n important text box (the last that appear on the slide with  a fade animation), but I do not manage it as, as I try to put the spotlight, the animation (and the slide) comes to its end.

Does the spotlight work only on static slide?

Thanks for any support you can give me.


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Brian Batt

Hi Silvia,

The root of the problem is that you don't have enough time to annotate the slide because your animation is ending.  So, if you want to extend the length of the slide indefinitely, you can use the method below:

1.  Click on the Articulate menu

2.  Click Record Narration

3.  Check the Show Annotation tools box

4.  Mute your microphone

5.  Click the Start Recording button

Using the method above will allow you to extend the length of the slide indefinitely.