Problem Inserting Engage as Flash Object

I have inserted published engages as flash multiple times, but now am finding for this project after I insert the published engage .swf file and then publish my project the .swf is automatically changing to fm_engage.swf?

So then I copy the fm_engage_content file and it works, but I have no sound and missing graphics?

Plus, the published engage I inserted is duplicated?

So I tried to change it to be fm_fm_engage_content and same for .swf file, but then nothing would work,

I have spent a day trying to figure this out - any ideas!

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blair parkin

Hi Michelle

How many engage interactions have you inserted as flash into this module? If there are multiple they can get mixed up as they are all called "engage". Best practice is to rename the .swf and _content files for each instance. When a .swf file is inserted as a flash movie Presenter renames it with fm_ , thats why when you copy in the content folder you need to add fm_ to the front. Also are both the file and the content folder in the data > swf folder? And don't forget that each time you publish you will have to recopy in the content folder.


Michelle Thomas

Here is the swf folder. I also checked and the engage_content folder does contain all the graphics and sound files, so I have no idea why it won't work?

I tried recreating the slide once, but did not save to a diff folder. I will try that next. Thanks for your help!

If you think of anything else, please let me know.

blair parkin

I wouldn't imagine that the file would be too big, although if it is within the first 3 slides of the presentation it my be having trouble loading. You may also want to consider inserting the engage as a web object. This screenr explains how.

Just curious. Are you testing the presentation locally or in your lms?

blair parkin

It can sometime depend on your computer or you company's IT policy blocking certain things from working. Articulate say best practice is to always test in the environment where it is going to be used. There could also be other factors that someone from Articulate may be able to expand on

Glad it is working though