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Brian Batt

Hi Jacqueline,

When you go to publish your presentation, make sure that you're selecting the Player Template that you just saved. The drop-down for Player Template will automatically select the last player template that you published with. Depending upon the changes that you made, the selected player template might not be the one that you expect. Make sure that "In Project" isn't shown in the Player Template name. Otherwise, you'll continue to publish the player template that doesn't have your changes.

Brian Batt

Hi Jacqueline,

It looks like Articulate & PowerPoint 2010 are running with different permissions.  Can you please try the following?

1.  Right click the shortcut for PowerPoint 2010 & choose Properties

2.  Choose the Compatibility tab

3.  Checkmark "Run this program as an administrator"

4.  Click Apply and OK

5.  Double-click the PowerPoint 2010 shortcut and see if you can replicate the issue

If you continue to have problems, repeat the process for the Articulate Presenter '09 shortcut.

Let me know if that resolves the issue.