Problem publishing translated courses

I have a document that is just a short series of slides with text boxes and screenshots that I need to publish for LMS. Not very exciting, I know, but it's really all we need for this project. It needs to be available in multiple languages. For the translation, we did not use the Articulate translate feature, we just made a Word document with two columns with the English in one and then sent it to bilingual users in-country. Then I pasted the translations from the second column back onto the slides.

Now that I am publishing them, I'm having problems. I published the Italian version, and 5 slides in a row were in French. The French one has several sections in Italian. And the Chinese one has some text boxes in the wrong font size-I had to go in and make everything bigger to be more readable.

I've checked the source files and they are all correct. There are no quizzes or interactions, just plain text and images. Has anyone experienced this, or have any suggestions?



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Christopher Borum

No, because the output that creates does not include the content of the text boxes on the slides, at least it doesn't when I do it. I've attached the Word file with reference column that I got from the French version.

For other courses that have quizzes and interactions, we use the output file for that content, although it is very confusing for the translators. Then we also have to have them translate the slides themselves. If there's a better way, I'd love to know it!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christopher!

I'm not sure that I've seen someone set up a custom translation file. The text boxes and slide content should be included. Does this happen in every file or one file?

If just one file, you may want to import into a new file to see if this alleviates the issue and if across files, please repair your software as instructed here.

Please be sure that you are utilizing the latest update to Storyline 2, which is Update 9.

If you'd like me to take a look at your .story file, please feel free to share.