Problem When I Minimize PowerPoint While Publish Dialog is Open

If I have the Publish dialog box open and I minimize PowerPoint – either by itself or minimize all applications – I cannot get PPT to appear again. It is showing open on the task bar, I can see it in the queue of open apps when I toggle either Alt-Tab or Start-Tab, but it will not come back to the screen. All I can do at that point is:

  • Use Task Manager to end the PowerPoint task
  • Restart Windows

I have to restart because if I don't, I can still open the PowerPoint file, but some of the Articulate functions – for one, the Publish button – have no effect, i.e. I click it, but it does not launch the publish dialog box. I've tried deactivating the add-ins "Articulate Presenter Communicator" and "Articulate Presenter Ribbon," closing PPT, reopening PPT, reactivating the add-ins ... but this has no effect. Restarting Windows is the only solution I've found.

Has anyone else run into this? Even better: Has anyone found a solution for this?

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Chris Rogers

A co-worker just answered this for me (guess I should have asked the brilliant co-worker before I consulted the brilliant community).

When this happens:

  • Open Task Manager
  • Click the Applications tab
  • Select the PowerPoint file in the list
  • Click Switch To

Problem solved.

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