Problem with Articulate studio update

I opened up my Powerpoint 2010 software this morning and I was alerted to an update to my Articulate software. After installing the latest update of Articulate, when I open up Powerpoint I get an error box that says "Unexpected error; quitting." When I click on the error box to close out of it, there is a bit of a delay before a Microsoft Visual Basic box appears that says "Run-time error '429: ActiveX component can't create object." When click on the End button to close out of that box, it tells me Powerpoint has stopped working and after it restarts everything cycles through the same process. My Powerpoint has essentially become non-functional, which is problematic right now as I try to finish up a presentation. I'm hoping someone can help me quickly resolve the issue. 

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Ali Goulet

Hi Peter-

So sorry to hear that you're experiencing this. I see that you have an active case with our Support Engineers (case #00879613) and Gren has sent some troubleshooting steps to follow to get this resolved quickly. Please let me know if you haven't received her email, sometimes they get filtered to a spam/junk box as well. I'll follow along with your case and relay any relevant info here for anyone that may find it helpful. 

Peter McDonald

Hi Ali, yes please do and I appreciate the quick and highly effective reply to my problem. If it further helps anyone, in my situation I was using a Win 7 pc and only had to complete the first part of the troubleshooting steps without needing to delve into the Microsoft .NET framework further steps.


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