Problem with changing text label of buttons

Hi there,

I have been searching through previous forums on anyone who has had problems with customising text labels in Presenter, spefically of buttons.

All of my changes are sticking for changes to labels but when I try to customise the text that appears for example on the OK button or 'yes' or 'no' button it doesnt stick. It saves and when I go back to the tabs my customisations appear but when I preview they haven't stuck on the presentation itself.

I only purchased the software in March/April of this year so has there been any update since then that would rectify this issue?

Any suggestions appreciated!


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Peter Anderson

Hi Jodie, 

After making the wanted changes, have you tried re-publishing the course to make the changes stick? And before you re-publish, you'll want to be sure you select the current template you're working with at the publish screen, otherwise Presenter will automatically publish with the last template you published with, rather than the one you just edited.