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Oct 16, 2013

Ran into an interested issue and haven't seen a solution posted to the forums yet. Here's my dilemma, I converted a Studio 09 course into Studio 13. After publish, the links we setup in our slide master no longer work. In the below case we used the slide master for chapter navigation, but hover and linking stopped working.

In the slide master view the objects still have the hyperlinks to the appropriate slides, but post publish they don't seem to be recognized when launching the course via presentation.html.

HOWEVER, when I launch the course using the HTLM5 version presentation_html5.html the links are now working.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob, 

Are you publishing your new Presenter 13 file to your local drive and then testing the published output within the intended environment? Testing locally could cause you to encounter local security restrictions, so you'll want to load to the publish environment and test everything there. If you're not ready to load to your LMS or web server, you could also test by uploading to and the link will stay active for 10 days, or you could test within SCORM Cloud. Are you able to share your Presenter files with us here or by sending it to us privately here? 

Bob Guardi
Hi Ashley,

We publish everything on local drives and test both locally and on a streaming service. Here is the streamed test link

We do not use an LMS so we can eliminate testing that angle. FYI - I reinstalled the Studio-13.exe today, rebooted and tried again. Same results. I will upload the files for your review.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob,

Thanks for sharing it with us - it looks like the hyperlinks are lost in the transfer from Presenter 09 into 13 (even though you can still see them when you go to edit hyperlinks). I was able to relink a few of them, and it seems those new links held during the publish.  I'll be sharing this with our QA team as well. 

Bob Guardi

Removing and reapplying the links did not seem to work. I tested both locally and on our streaming services.

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The HTML5 version continues to work, but not the standard flash publish. You'll notice the changes I made to the links to verify they were updated. If you click the Clearing Mechanics tab, it will now jump you to the slide before that section begins.

What are the next steps?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob, 

Hmmm, I had changed the hyperlink to a different slide and that worked for me, it was essentially resetting the hyperlinks. I reported this to our QA team, and don't have any updates on a fix for it yet or other steps to suggest. In regards to the quality, it is a known issue that the player elements and images may look blurry if you've scaled your browser to full size. 

Ron England

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Ron,

I don't have an ETA on that particular issue, but there was an update 1 for Studio 13 released yesterday that you'll find here. The release notes don't indicate anything related to the hyperlinks. 

Ashley, thanks for the response.  Is there another way other than hyperlink to direct a button to the page you desire the button to direct?  This is causing me major set backs.

Ron England

Ashley, unfortunately I am unable to load the course due to company policy.  However, what I am attempting to do is not use the players next button and design my own button that will allow me to direct the learner to a specific page within our course.  The next page within a powerpont is not always the next page I want a learner to review. 

This has to be a major delema for many I am asusming.  Is there another method to branch?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

I'm glad you were able to figure out an option that worked for your Ron, and thanks for updating us. 

Maurine, as with any change, there may be a bit of a learning curve as to where new features are located or how they operate within a new environment. If you have any questions about the differences between Studio 09 and 13 you may want to begin by reviewing the comparison chart here. 

Gayla Keesee

I'm having a similar problem with hyperlinks in Presenter '13. I have three button on one page to serve as a menu. Each button hyperlinks to an Engage interaction. The hyperlinks work fine in Slide Show and in Preview, but when I publish the file, all the links bring up the last of the three (no matter which order I put them in in the PowerPoint file). I have other hyperlinks that work fine.

I had the same problem with the grouped item and then remembered that '09 didn't like hyperlinking grouped objects. So, I saved the buttons as .png files and hyperlinked those. That didn't work. So, I resorted to an '09 trick--transparent rectangle over the graphic. That didn't work either. 

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