Problem with # in hyperlink in Presenter '13.

Hi all, I have a team member having an issue with an embedded hyperlink in Presenter '13. The end of the hyperlink includes a # symbol (followed by a few numbers) to point the browser to an anchor point on the page. When published, the # disappears and the web page is not found.

The hyperlink ends like this: 2.4.6.asp#

When we publish, the hyperlink turns into this: 2.4.6.asp2.4.6.8

If we publish in Presenter '09, the # remains intact and the hyperlink works fine.

Unfortunately everything else is built in Studio '13 so we can't just publish the course in '09. Has anyone experienced this issue with hyperlinks in '13 and is there a solution?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chris!

Strange enough, this is an issue we have seen previously.


  • Use %23 rather than #. PowerPoint changes %23 back to # when you close and reopen PowerPoint, so you'll need to switch back to %23 if you need to publish again later.
  • Use a link shortener service such as

Hope that helps.

I'll add this thread to the report for future reference, but seems to be a PowerPoint issue.