Problem with Publishing in SCORM I2004 Version 4

Hello Everyone,

I am creating a module in presenter that has six imported Quizmaker files (of about 100 question) and published to SCORM 2004 V4 for the LMS.
1. So a total of 600 questions.
2. Some of the questions have exceeded 1500 characters.
3. Our vendor is using SCORM I2004 Version 4 published with resuming.
4. All quiz questions are multiple choice, text based question and answer responses, so no images or anything.

This was designed to track the progress of users, but it is not bookmarking when I log out and log back in to resume. I believe there is some sort of communication issue. More specifically, this may be an issue with the API as our LMS vendor uses SCORM cloud. We are working on ruling out Articulate cache publishing, as well as receiving some reports that it is working properly.

I’m seeking some input from more experienced users of Quizmaker and Presenter. Do you think we have too many questions in the file? Should we break it up into separate files and publish each of them? Some of the questions have quite a bit of text in the question area, but not in the answer responses. Is this something that can potentially be a problem (I saw an article where this was an issue publishing to SCORM 2004 from Quizmaker 09).

I appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you,


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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Mingo 👋

These are some really great questions: I haven't come across 600 quiz slides yet, so I'm also really curious to hear others' thoughts on this. 

Also, smart move opening a case! I see you and your team are working closely with my teammate, Ryan, where he recommended:

While not ideal, I would recommend splitting the module in this particular case. Aside from that, to ensure that each module does not exceed the limit, I recommend testing the modules first and enabling the LMS debug mode to see if the suspend_data exceeds on each module before implementing them. This should help avoid issues being raised by users in the future. 

We hope that helps, and we're both standing by if you need anything else!