Problem with restart message box

I am publishing a standard PowerPoint file with Articulate Presenter (Studio 09) and I cannot get the text to show in the "restart course alert message" (see image below - parts blurred for proprietary reasons).  I have tried to publish with purely default settings and colors, but the text will not show.  I have gone into the text settings to ensure that there is text that is supposed to appear in the message and it is there, but still nothing when published.  Is this a Flash version problem, maybe?

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Michael Hernandez

Hi Leslie,

I did go to the text labels and ensure that they were not blank, and they are not blank.  Still I publish and get the blank messages.

It will be a moot point soon when I switch all my development to Storyline.  I still use Studio 09 for the projects that I need to convert fast, but those are becoming fewer and fewer.