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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bartlomiej,

If you're using the passed/incomplete set up that will pass a completion and a success rate. If there is no quiz, than there is nothing to score and you'll see the 0. You may want to look at Crystal's suggestion of a complete/incomplete element or perhaps adding a one question Quizmaker quiz at the end (asking a yes/no did they complete) and score them at 100% on that element. You could use that results slide as your tracking method as well. 

Luke ODonnell

Hi Bartlomiej Polakowski,

Did you get a result with this. I am trying the same thing but with passed complete status. I can get everything to work on Moodle Cloud but the SAP LMS is notoriously difficult to work with. There is virtually no documentation of the API calls so it is frustrating to communicate with it. 

After some discussions with the SAP Tech support peeps, I have found that the complete/incomplete won't work with SAP LMS it must be passed/incomplete.