Problem with web objects - view presentation and script error

May 04, 2011


as we cannot embed captivate 5 as flash into the presenter any more, I followed the instructions how to create and embed web objects.

When I try to publish and then view the presentation, it only opens the notepad.

Previewing works, but I get an Script Error message.


And to see how I created the web objects, I attach the corresponding files (test-zip).

Who can help me?

Thanks and regards, Florence

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Justin Wilcox

If you are testing your content on  your local drive, publish for CD and launch the presentation by double clicking the Launch_presentation.exe file and see if that resolves your issue. To really test your content's functionality you should test in the environment you are publishing for whether it's on a web server, in an LMS or on Articulate Online.

ram subhash


i have a problem with the web object , the defalut artcilate screen area is 733X550, when i take the web object of same size it getting overlaped on the side bar , and if i take the smaller size like 700X520 iam getting the 10px width white border in the right and bottom sides of the application though i align the object to right and bottom corners.... here i added the screens for refrence...

Brian Batt

Hi Florence,

A Web Object that is inserted into a Presenter ‘09 presentation may be misplaced or misaligned during playback if the following criteria are true:

    *  The slide in which the Web Object has been inserted is set to Slide Only view.

    *  The Web Object is configured with a custom size (width and height).

    *  You are using Internet Explorer to view your published presentation.

Please review the following article for more information and solutions:

Florence Schreiner

thanks Brian,

well, it is slide only view and I have to use the company IE.

If look at in standard view it cuts the right part of the movie and I would have to scroll. Not very nice. Of course I could record it with a different resolution!

I tried the informal solution for the player.html file, but I couldn't see any effect.

I am looking forward to get a new version of Articulate, where I can integrate flash movies, recorded in Captivate 5. And I also hope that the flash resolution will get better, it looses quality when publishing.


Brian Batt

Hi Florence,

From earlier, you stated:

[quote]But the size and alignment are not like I need it (s. picture). I entered the size 720 x 540.[/quote]

I assumed that when you said you entered the 720 x 540 size, it was when you first inserted the web object into Presenter.  I was just curious what would happen if you either changed those values or left them completely blank.

Florence Schreiner

Hi Brian,

first I created the index.html file and entered the size 720 x 540. Next I inserted the web object into PowerPoint.

When I change the values in the index.html file it also changes the ouput of the web object in Articulate.

My problem is, that the video I should publish should be displayed with its full visual content. This means that the recording solution is mimimum 963x648. When I publish it with Articulate the size of the video is already reduced. That's why I switched to slide only view in Articulate. With the web object the output size gets even smaller, and the content is hard to read.

When I record the video with a different resolution, I have a bigger output of the content but have to scroll around in the video and assessement which is not very nice!

I am kind of lost between Captivate and Articulate and my customer, who wants me to use these tools.


Ladd Skelly

Following everyone's advice, I was able to easily bring in Flash (Captivate) web objects into my pptx. However, I think I found a new problem. Articulate may have certain limitations on the number of Flash web objects. Presently, my course has 16 Flash web objects. All of them start with a short audio intro. Each web object starts after 6 seconds which gives enough time to play the audio. I have made sure that all 16 have the same configurations. Here is where it gets funky. I noticed that 3 or 4 slides won't load the web object when I preview or publish. When I click the Test link button under Web Object, they are work. Oddly enough, these slides are towards the end of the course. I tried a couple of tricks. I noticed that if I copy these troubled slides and paste them to a new pptx, they load. I also noticed that if I remove the audio connected to the troubled slides within the original pptx, the web objects load. What is going on here? Does Articulate have certain limitations on the number of Flash web objects? If so, this will really change my original design. Any help would be appreciated.

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