Problem with web objects - view presentation and script error

May 04, 2011


as we cannot embed captivate 5 as flash into the presenter any more, I followed the instructions how to create and embed web objects.

When I try to publish and then view the presentation, it only opens the notepad.

Previewing works, but I get an Script Error message.


And to see how I created the web objects, I attach the corresponding files (test-zip).

Who can help me?

Thanks and regards, Florence

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Ladd Skelly

I tried all suggestions. Now my problem has expanded from three slides to six slides. All of them are towards the end of a 49 slide pptx. I checked all settings and tested all the links. Everything works except when I preview or publish. This is a little frustrating since this is the only solution for using Captivate 5 videos. You mentioned that you would look at my files. Please give me the process of sending my files so I can do this immediately. Thanks.

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