Problems Editing/Saving Audio in Presenter 13

I just upgraded to Presenter 13 and needed to make a very small audio edit on 1 slide. I re-recorded, I saved, I published. When I replayed that slide, the audio did not change. I did this 3 times, each time making sure that I had saved the audio and alas, I cannot get it to work.  I think if I delete the slide and add a new one and then re-record, it will work - but that seems highly in-efficient. Suggestions? Thanks.

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Louise Worsley

I am having terrible problems narrating in 2013.  At first I thought I had isolated it to when I had notes page showing during narration but it seems to be more random than that.  My PowerPoint is falling over every 3-4 slides I narrate and I am also randomly losing notes from the PowerPoint slide.  Are you using PowerPoint 2007 or a later version?

I tried in desperation recording separately and the importing the audio - Presenter completely fell over and now my file is unusable.

Feeling very sad and worried - would be useful to know if other people are getting the same problems.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa, 

I recently saw someone else who was encountering a similar issue, and the suggested first solution was to make sure that you've cleared your browser cache to ensure it's not still reloading the earlier version or try opening it in a new web browser. If you're still having difficulty, can you package your Presenter files and send along to us here? 

Hi Louise, 

It sounds like you're having a different problem then Lisa, so I'd suggest to start with a simple repair of Studio 13 and ensure that you're working with local project files, as working on a network or USB drive can cause erratic and unusual behavior. Additionally, you should also make sure the directory pathto your project files and your published output is less than 260 characters(for example C:\Articulate) and avoid using special characters, accents orsymbols in your file names. If you're still having difficulty after the repair and confirming that you're working with local files please follow the same directions I gave Lisa on how to package your Presenter files and send them along to our team. 

Louise Worsley

I have done all of this - but I think basically the PowerPoint file is now corrupt - when I open the file if I select animate (in PowerPoint) it does not animate - also it seems to have lost random notes pages.  Could having the file not local be the cause of the corruption?

Fortunately I have been keeping versions of the file so I can go back to a point before I attempted to add the narration.  Not ideal as it means losing 1 days work plus I'm anxious that it might happen again.  Any other safeguards I should be thinking of?

Should I send you the corrupted version?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Louise,

It sounds like it may have become corrupt, and one of the reasons why files can become corrupt include not working locally with project files. Other suggestions and safeguards for working with your Presenter files are included in this article. 

If you'd like us to take a look at your file, to see if it's a corruption issue you are welcome to share it with our team here, although they will not be able to fix the corruption.  You'll want to be sure you package your Presenter files

Louise Worsley

Hi Ashley

Just went back to previous version - working with local files.  All seemed to be going wonderfully.  Got to slide 5.  After exiting narration PowerPoint fell over.  When I opened the file - the notes from the slide I was on had gone.  Groan - will send you over the file.  I no longer think its PowerPoint corruption - animation still working fine in PP.

Brenda Daniel

After upgrading to '13, I have experienced the same issues as mentioned above. I thought it was my notes file too, so I created a separate word doc with nothing but my notes on a separate screen. That didn't change anything. I'm going to watch this thread since I have since built two more presentations that took double and triple the time to complete because of the recording issue.

Linda Herring

Has anythingsubstantive been delivered on this problem?

I am experiencing asimilar problem at this moment as I record narration in Presenter 13.

This is just one amongMANY other issues with Studio 13 that I (and others I work with) haveexperienced.

Regardingnarration: I record narration in Presenter using its record feature. It’sthere. I play it back. I preview. I go on to record other slides. I come backto previous slides and the narration is missing. It’s happened today multipletimes on different slides.

In addition, Iannotate on one slide. I can’t see any of the annotations taking place.However, just because there are so many unexplained behaviors in Studio, I save and check. In Preview, the annotations display, but the narration is missing.

Before you ask:

- Yes I have runthe repair for Studio 13.

- Yes I am on mylocal C drive.

- Since I amrecording, file naming conventions are not the issue although I do follow them.

- I am usingWindows 7, PowerPoint 2010 (32 bit) and have all the other requirements forStudio 13. (This is an upgrade for me from Studio 09. I also have Storyline.)

Other Examples of Studio 13 Instability

Here are just acouple of other examples of Studio 13 instability and what seems to be a lackof finding fixes:

-Replay has yet to work for me. I havea support case, 00365527. Last I heard from Articulate Support regarding thismatter was two weeks ago. After capturing my error log I was informed, “We havereported this issue to our Quality Assurance team for their review. I cannotoffer a time frame for when this issue will be addressed. We'll keep you postedfor any updates.” {Don't call us; we'll call you.}

-Presenter crashes A LOT. I had to rebuild one module I was working on fromscratch because it all kept crashing.

- Engage:On an interaction feedback master, I was attempting to change the color of thebutton to blue. It looked ok there, but in Preview and publish it was purple.Purple became navy, red became… You get the picture. While entertaining, notvery productive. I had to rebuild the interaction.

I will stop here. While Studio 09 had some instability and inconsistency problems, nothing like Studio 13. I'm finding it very costly in lost time and productivity. Any answers to anything would be appreciated.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brenda! I encourage you to submit a support case. If these issues are not reported and logged, we have no way of identifying actual bugs/software issues as opposed to system specific issues. 

Hi Linda! Your case has been escalated. One of our senior engineers should be contacting you to understand the difficulty that you are reporting here.

Phil Cubeta

I am having what may be related problems.

1. When importing a prior project from Studio 09 to Studio 13, the audio does not show up on the slides. It is visible in audio editor but can not be accessed slide by slide in record mode.

2. When an audio narration is added to a long project, and then a slide is added or deleted, the project breaks, and audio from slides after the inserted slide disappears. Also, a red box with an error message may show up.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Phil,

I was able to find a support case (#00371836 for my reference) for the issues you listed. I do see that the case has been escalated, and it looks like Wilbert is working on the case.

I'll also be following the status of the case and try to follow up with you.

You should hear from our support team soon.

Thank you!

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Phil,

I was checking in on the status of your case this morning, and it looks like Wilbert is wanting to follow up with you on the files. If you're still having trouble, please respond to his email so he can continue working with you.

If you haven't seen his message from 12/4, please let me know.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Phil,

I've requested that Wilbert reach out to you and try to send another message to your email address. I continue watching the case for any updates. 

If you get a moment, I would recommend checking any spam filters or folders, just to be sure it didn't end up there. It may also help to add as a safe sender, if you have that option. 

Thank you! 

Shurla McLean

Hi Christine,

I am up to my limit with Articulate Studio '13 which has delayed the submission of my project.  I am experiencing the same issues concern the audio-editing.  Prior to this, the entire ribbon stopped functioning.  I submitted a case to articulate support who referred me to the following:

Please reinstall Studio '13 by following the steps below and see if it fixes the issue that you're having:


1) Close all running applications. 

2) Go to Start ->   Control Panel ->   Programs and Features, and uninstall Articulate Studio '13. 

3) Download the latest Studio '13 installer and save it to your desktop:

4) Temporarily disable (turn off) your anti-virus program. 

NOTE: This step is included to avoid possible conflicts with anti-virus programs during installation. 

5) Extract (unzip) the downloaded installer. Right-click the installer and select "Run as administrator" to install Studio '13. 

6) Re-enable your anti-virus program. 

7) Restart your computer. Test your software.

This was after Articulate Support recommended the following:

If the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon isn't working, here's how to correct it:

The IT administrators here followed the directions.  When we finally re-installed  Articulate Studio '13, the audio-editor worked fine.  I left, went to lunch, came back and when I opened open the audio-editor, I was experiencing the same problem.   The audio sounds choppy and it is not even moving. 

I have reached out to Articulate Support but I am being referred links that have already been tried.  Has Articulate tried to resolve this issue?  Please help.


Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Shurla.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble.

It looks like Karla's most recent suggestion was for you to try all of the steps within this Knowledge Base Article.  If the problem persists after carefully following these instructions (including running the res13Cleanup.bat file and uninstalling/reinstalling Microsoft Office), be sure to let Karla know so that she can offer additional help.

I've also added a note to your Support Case to give Karla a heads-up that she may be hearing from you with the results from her most recent suggestion.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!