problems importing audio

Nov 08, 2013

I imported all my audio to my presentation file like I always have.  No problem.  I go to sync my audio, 3 of the slides have the wrong audio.  I go back to import audio.  It lists the correct files.  I preview the slides.  Wrong audio.  I go back to import audio, reselect, reimport the right audio.  Not only does that not help, I notice that the import audio dialog box is corrupted.  The slide thumbnails don't match up correctly with the slide titles.  Some slides are listed as having "existing narration".  None should.  I imported it all at the same time. 

I had noticed before that when I import audio, if I select, say slide 10, and select the next 10 audio files I want to import, when it brings up the confirmation dialog box it says Slide 1: Slide 10.wav, Slide 2: Slide 11, etc -- always starting at 1 no matter what slide I was starting with.  That didn't seem to cause any actual problems.  Another time when I went to import multiple audio files, it scrambled the order so that I had to do lots of rearranging to get them in the right order.  I don't know if that is related to my current problems.

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