Problems playing embede youtube videos

Hi All,

I have embeded a you tube video in a presentation with the autoplay option. I want the video to play then automaticall move on to the next slide.

However, if the interent is running slowly and the video pauses then it skips to the next slide prematurely. I have tried increasing the time a slide will remain before moving to the next slide in the presentation options. However, because I cannot possibly know how fast or slow the user's internet will be, this could be either too short or too long. The result is that the next slide appears prematurely, or the video ends and the presentation does not move on.

Does anyone know how to effective have you video play and then move on to the next slide when finished?



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Brian Batt

Hi Kathy,

I'm assuming that your using a web object to display the Youtube video.  Is that correct?  If so, then your only option would be to use a program to actually down the video from Youtube, convert it to SWF, MP4, or FLV, and then insert that into your presentation.  This will allow Articulate to grab the total time of the video and use that instead of a hacked timing scheme.  Does that make sense?