problems with Articulate player loading in IE 9

Sep 15, 2011

My client and I are reviewing a set of course modules that I recently completed using Articulate Presenter. I have the courses installed in Moodle 1.9 on a shared hosting service. The courses load fairly quickly and correctly using Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on my Windows Vista PC.

However, they hang up in IE 9.0, requiring shutting down IE and restarting it. After restarting IE, a course will load. When trying to load the next course, the same problem occurs again.

Have others experienced this problem? Is there a solution?

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Jeff Kortenbosch

I've got the same issue in IE7 and IE8 running on Moodle 1.9.7. Only difference it locks only the first time and when I restart my browser it's no problem. So similar problem... no solution :(

I've noticed that when not opening the course in a new window but in the same window it seems to happen less? Are you opening your courses in a new window?

Cyrelle Gerson

Thanks to both of you for responding. The Moodle site is just for initial reviewing purposes, so hopefully the courses will work ok in IE on the client's LMS, which is one of those expensive proprietary systems. It's useful to know that this is probably related to the older Moodle combined with IE.

I get your point about upgrading to Moodle 2.0, but my cheap shared hosting service limits the file upload size to such a small amount that using version 2 doesn't work for me. When my subscription with this web host expires, I am going to switch services.

Thanks again.

Dan Marsden

hehe - you're hard to ignore Phil

the IE 7 bug was such a pain and made such a large change to the interface I couldn't really backport the fix to the 1.9 branches as well - the workaround for 1.9 is to use the current window instead of the new window option - but unfortunately the current window option doesn't give enough browser real-estate for many SCORM objects.

upgrading to moodle 2 shouldn't be all that costly - of course you could get someone else to help you do it... feel free to drop me an e-mail if you'd like a quote :-)

...I work for the Moodle Partner Catalyst IT - we have offices in UK/AU/NZ and provide a range of Moodle services (we also have a pretty good handle on SCORM in Moodle)

Rajeesh Raj

We're facing issue with IE 9. When people are submit after completing the presentation it's not redirecting i.e. on submit click click we've given the redirection URL. This issue is only with IE, everything seems to be working in other browsers, How to resolve the issue? Is this anything related to ADOBE flash player new version?

Rajeesh Raj

Thanks for responding....

We're hosting the contents in web server(windows). Sorry but we can't share the link now. Many issues are with IE. Few users are getting resume popup after course completion, few are getting 'you must pass the quiz' popup even-though they've completed the quiz , sometime it's stuck...etc...

becomes nightmare for me :-(

Thanks Again.

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