Problems with flash file, and it's not the frame rate!


I have a custom-made flash animation that's 720x540, and set to 30fps. My presenter file is also set to 30fps. The .swf uses tweened animation and a guide layer for the tweened object to move along. When I publish, it works kind-of OK for the first few loops, but then the smoothness of the animation is lost, and it becomes jumpy.

I attach the .fla, in case an eLearning Hero can diagnose what's going wrong. I have a few of these files with tweened animation to add to my course, and they are all misbehaving at the moment.

Andy Dunn

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David Burton


I am unable to open the .fla file you have provide, however, if you start to see jumpiness after the first few loops, this might be a case of the animation needlessly wasting or munching up system memory. Make sure you set the inserted .swf movie to play independantly of the slide.

If I am off base, do you have a public sample for us to view. This can help us determine if the issue is global or system specific.

I hope this helps!