Problems with Moodle

Please tell me if the following is true. "That is important because (last time I checked) Articulate relied very heavily on its Mobile app for mobile support, and that app (last time I checked) could not get past Moodle authentication, and wont track in SCORM." My customer has some people successfully using the program they uploaded to Moodle and some are having problems.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

I'm not sure how to say true or false to this - but if your LMS (Moodle) requires users to log in, and you're publishing for Mobile deployment and utilizing the mobile player app - you'll likely need to publish for Tin Can API instead of SCORM. This is detailed here. 

You'll want to connect with your Moodle team to confirm. 

Dan Marsden

If you are using a more recent version of Moodle and a responsive theme on your site you should be ok publishing SCORM packages without setting your package to use the articulate mobile player app.

Moodle doesn't come with Tin Can support out of the box but there are a couple of 3rd party plugins that work quite well in conjunction with your own LRS. There is on-going work underway to look at implementing a native LRS within Moodle but I expect this will be at least a couple of years away.