Promotional CD/DVD?

Sep 28, 2012

Thought I'd ask for advice about making a promotional CD/DVD here.  I'll tell you what I'd like to do, and if anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

I have created (and continue to make) e-learning training modules for medical staff in dermatology offices.  They are delivered online through my website.  In the next 3-4 months, I'd like to try a round of promotional mailers which include a CD/DVD containing a few of the modules so that prospective customers can view them without online access.  Ideally, it would "auto-load" once the DVD is placed in the DVD player and open to a professional looking "menu" of available modules.  Just as a typical DVD movie will automatically load and then bring you to a menu, but instead of providing typical "video" chapters as menu items, the Articulate Presenter modules would be options.  But most importantly, with all due respect to my prospective customers, it must be as "fool proof" as possible.

Here's the deal...

My entire program isn't yet complete, but should be by early winter.  It's comprised of about 40 training modules, of which about 30 are complete.  A few months ago, we marketed an "Early Enrollment offer" for those wishing to register early at a discounted price.  This allowed me to get a feel for the demand and expectations of the target market.  It was marketed very little but was very well-received, enough so that we've suspended further marketing until the entire program is available.  However, one overarching theme has become very apparent.  That is, the majority of my target audience is not computer or internet savvy whatsoever.  

Through my "website analytics" program, I've witnessed the same series of events time and again.  A visitor will come to my site with Internet Explorer 6/7/8, none of which properly play my Articulate modules (don't ask....already spent $1000+ on various website developers trying to solve).  Or they'll visit with their iPad or iPhone.  The modules don't play, so some visitors then "bounce" from the site.  Those that hang in there visit the "FAQ" and "System Requirements" link on my site which clearly explains which browsers are compatible to view the modules,  Then without making any changes whatsoever, they then try once again to watch the modules with the same non-compatible browser and (of course) they still don't play.  So yet more visitors "bounce" and leave the site.  Those that hang in there and choose the option to "Contact Us" then send me a question about why the modules are playing, at which time I ask them which browser they're using.  They then reply, "What's a browser?" (and then I pull my hair out).

Hence my desire to provide prospective customers with as "fool-proof" of marketing material as I can.  I'd like it such that if they can insert a DVD into the player, they can select from an easily navigable menu without having to open "folders", etc.  Simply insert, and then use the mouse to point and click from the available options. 

We have had a very good conversion rate with those that reach the point in which they can actually preview the videos.  And once they commit, they're more willing to take the time to learn about necessary browser upgrades, etc.  But based on experience so far,  I have no doubt we could lose significant sales if we don't make previewing the videos as user-friendly as possible for those "less computer savvy" prospective customers. 

In a worse case scenario, I can simply convert the modules into an .avi or .mp4 format, in which case I really can make a "DVD-like" menu for them with any of the more common video editing programs.  But then I'll lose the custom Articulate player, menu options, and links.  I'd instead like for the modules to be displayed in Flash format. 

So has anyone here ever marketed in such a way, or have any opinions on programs which will best allow me to create such a CD/DVD? I've seen some "Flash Photo Album" creators online, but not sure that I see anything that would quite create something like I'm looking for.


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Blake Griffin

Have you considered creating a Presenter module that has a menu that opens links to the different Articulate Presenter modules you want to showcase as web objects? 

You could publish this module and use an autorun file to open it.   Here is a link with instructions on how to create an autorun file:

For distribution, have you considered the business card cds/dvds? 

Good luck... If you have any questions, please let me know.


Timothy August

Thanks Blake.  I definitely like the "autorun" idea, but if there is a security warning as you say, Phil, then that would be yet another area where the casual user may decide against pursuing further.  I really hate to sound as if I'm belittling my target audience, but I've just learned that they are very distractable and easily confused.  Damn this point and click/smart phone world we're now living in!  I'd just like for their experience of sampling the preview modules to be as smooth/seamless as possible.

Phil Mayor

The menu would autorun with no problems, but when you click on the links to the .exe files (need to use these to ensure you dont get security conflicts) will actually cause a security warning.  Also this will sometimes not work on  Windows 7.  

Also these will not work on a Mac, no autoplay but the .exe file will not load.

Sometimes better to use a proper CD/DVD menu creation software

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