Publish Title Displays Incorrect Elapsed & Total Duration Times

Sep 19, 2012

While the flash course is playing within AO, I notice the AO Publish Title is correctly displayed at top of the screen; however, also displayed, to the right of the Publish Title, is a total elapsed time counter along with total course duration (e.g., (01:26 / 51:23)).

Is there some means to completely remove the elapsed time and total time counter display ?

Additionally, I notice the total course time counter does NOT include duration of embedded quizzes, so it becomes inaccurate and misleading as soon as the first embedded quiz is encountered.

The same holds true for the elapsed time counter, it does NOT include timing of embedded quiz durations and so ity becomes inaccurate and misleading as soon the first embedded quiz is encountered.

I thank you in advance for your guidance…Bill

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