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Mar 23, 2011

I am not too techy, so bear with me please:

I want to publish a module to my own website. I can insert html or video code etc. quite easily there.

The purpose is to showcase some work for clients, so it must look luike it is playing in the player, but run on my ordinary website. (I have looked at scormcloud, but that does not look like my answer.)



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Patricio Bustamante M

Hi Dennis :
I think a good solution is start with your own web site and create your portafolio.

I love wordpress is very popular CMS ( Content Management System ) and there's a lot of help on line. Some hosting offer wordpress pre-installed and you only need to do some clic and your site is on line.
You can buy some nice templates here : , after that you can upload and start with a professional look.

Good luck

Brian Batt

Hi Dennis,

You can embed your Articulate Presenter 5 or Articulate Presenter '09 presentation in an existing site in the following manner: 

1) Download and extract this zip file: 

2) Place the resulting HTML page in the same folder as player.html. 

3) Follow the instructions in the HTML file on how to load the player inside a custom page. 

If you're integrating your presentation into an existing site, you may need to copy the contents of TestPage.html into the desired HTML page.

Dennis Price


(back from leave, hence the delay - but sorry - I am still stuck)

I downloaded the zip package and it contains one html page. (correct?)

This page (TestPage.html) simply says:

This is my test page. In order for the presentation to load properly, this test page must be located in the same folder as the file player.html and the value 'vBgColor' must exist in the FlashVars value. If vBgColor does not exist, the player believes that it is being loaded by the standalone player and as a result will look for the data files in a location relative to itself instead of the loading page. The value of vBgColor will determine the color of the bars that you see at the top and bottom of the inserted swf. They should be blue in this sample. When loaded outside of player.html, Web Objects and a few other features will not function properly.

My website CMS allows me to select different types of pages to upload to - one of which is an HTML format. (It comes with a wysiwig editor) In order to upload videos or flash etc, I can 'insert a code block) and that is where I paste embed codes etc.

(I really know nothing about html/coding)

I can upload a zip package to my directory on my CMS - assuming that is required.

But I have no idea what to do with the remainder of your instructions or how to proceed.

Sorry to be a pain...:-(

Stephanie Harnett

Hmmm not sure what you mean. I placed the testpage.html into the published folder and when I double-click and play it back the progress bar appears looking to be the right size then it gets larger and the module is displayed as partially cut off on the right and on the bottom. I edited the testpage.html file to change the embed size to be 720 x 540 otherwise I have not changed anything else. Does this have to do with the way I published the module, perhaps scale to fit window or something like that?

Dennis Price

Hi tess

I used use so I did not host it (only had my domain name redirected). I am not THAT technical and installing Wordpress and the constant upgrades and millions of plugins (independently updated) seemed to cause many people grief and was too hard for me.

Yet I needed more than the stock-standard offer.

SS offers more customisation etc. and it is all drag and drop.

I don;t if it can every thig you will want, but there has never been anything I required that I couldn't do.

(It works out cheaper too - after you pay WP for video hosting etc etc...)

Hope that helps

Rob Portnoy

When I publish my Articulate 09 course using the Publish - Web option, the published files do show up in my public_html/subdirectory file but when I go to my Dreamweaver website - there's nothing there. I would think that Articulate would generate an HTML code for me to put into Dreamweaver, but all I see are the files.

Does anyone have any suggestions for next steps?


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