Publish to the WEB, Articulate Studio'13

When I publish a hyperlink to our Service Management application in a WEB course (NOT to an LMS), I keep getting a "page cannot be displayed" when clicking on the link.  Troubleshooting reveals that the publishing process is stripping out the "#" contained in the link, which makes the "page cannot be found" error appear. 

I have another CBT, which uses the same link on a Quiz maker slide, and when published to the web, it opens the hyperlink just fine.  Any thoughts on how to keep from stripping out the needed "#" character in my hyperlink?  We do not use a Quiz in the original WEB course, as it is not required.  

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ruth,

Thanks for your post! Strange that it seems the publishing process is changing the URL within the hyperlink. Is this hyperlink on a Presenter slide? Also, are you testing the published output locally or on a web server

If you're already testing the published output on a web server using a supported browser, would you mind sharing your Articulate Package with us? I'd like our Support Engineers to take a closer look. Be sure to let me know your case number with me so I can follow along, as well. :)