Published course doesn't match hyperlinks in PPTX

My course PPTX has 4 locked slides, with hyperlinked shapes connecting them, plus Prev and Next buttons/shapes hyperlinked to the specific slides before and after the 4 "interaction" slides. All buttons/shapes work just fine when the PPTX is in slide-show mode. But when published, the Prev button goes to one of the other interaction slides, and NONE of the other buttons work at all, which also means one can't escape this slide, because the outline links and Control Panel buttons are locked.

FYI: I have another course with a similar kind of interaction, and it works just fine (i.e., I know how the Slide Properties are supposed to be set). In fact, the course with the problem worked when originally published last December. But for no apparent reason, it's not publishing correctly now.

Any ideas?

- Judy

P.S. While I love many things about Articulate, the thing I find most frustrating/annoying is this sort of inconsistency. Maybe it'll work; maybe it won't. Grrrrrr...

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Justin Grenier

I'm sorry you had trouble with the upload process, Judy.

I do see that we received your files this morning and that Miker is taking a look at the problem now.  I will also keep an eye on your Case as it moves through the troubleshooting process.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!