Published Presenter 09 course with embedded video not playing

Nov 20, 2013

Good morning ,

I have just published a course designed on Presenter 09 and when I click to view the presentation, it doesn't play.I went into the files produced after publishing and noticed that instead of 10 files, publish generated 8 files .The lms and player folders are missing.When I click on the data folder, it is empty.I created the course with a video embedded in the middle and a quiz at the end.The size of the video is 646 089kb.It is saved on drive C.

I have had an issue with video in the past and it was troubleshot by the support team and never resolved I had to have the video hosted on a vendor server and embed the link as a web object.I dont want to use this route which is costly.I have embedded larger video files before and they worked just fine.

I hope to hear back as I'm currently working on a very tight deadline.

Thanks for your help!


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Maurine  Kwende

I don't mean to be rude, I am getting frustrated with articulate customer service.I have posted the issue with video and have not had a response  meanwhile I see staff responding to other posts.I need a solution to this issue.I experienced the same issue in May 2013 and your customer support specifically Jayem Abania promised to look into the issue and never did.I was told presenter was experiencing problems with large video files and its being looked into. I need someone to give me a response on what is going on.We bought Studio 09 and want to migrate to studio 13.The customer service is so discouraging.I need someone to tell me why large video files don't work and a solution as soon as possible.This is ridiculous.



Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Maurine.

I'm sorry that you did not receive my previous email messages.  To restate, it appears that presently, when we insert a very large video file (I believe your example was 90 minutes in length and 700 MB in size) into Presenter '09, our publishing process fails.  In your case, we also found that attempts at compressing your very large video file were ineffective.

While the Articulate Quality Assurance Team considers whether or not it's possible to fix this problem, I can think of 3 possible interim workarounds:

  1. Chop your video files into smaller pieces using a video editing tool.  Some examples of video editing tools that you may see being discussed in our community include Articulate Replay, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Windows Movie Maker, VideoPad, VirtualDub, or Lightworks.
  2. You could upload your large videos to a service that better handles large video files (such as YouTube or Vimeo), then use our Insert->Video->Add Slide Video from Website feature to embed the video.
  3. You could insert a small placeholder video into your course, then replace it with your larger source video within Presenter '09's published output:

Please note that Option 3 is not supported by Articulate.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Michael Akins

Hi Justin,

URGENT, NEED HELP! I have a similar problem with the embed of Vimeo video in Articulate Presenter 09 suddenly not working. I suspect my problem is related to recent changes in the Vimeo player not working with IE9 version of browser. The Web object embed works with other computers and browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and IE11 for instance on my personal computer), but not on my work computer set with IE9. Unfortunately, IE9 is our corporate standard at this time, so this is a BIG problem.

Can you confirm that the Web Object embed of Vimeo video in Articulate Presenter 09 does not work with IE9? If that is so, is there any solution short of having Vimeo fix their player?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Deb!

This thread is a bit dated, so I'm not sure what you are asking for an update on.

Articulate Presenter '13 supports videos from hosting sites, such as Screenr and Vimeo. Here's how to add website videos to Presenter courses.

When you embed website videos in your Articulate content, you may find the fullscreen button is either missing or not working in your published output. For security reasons, many web browsers are now restricting fullscreen mode for embedded iframe content. See this article for more information.

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