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Justin Uihlein

What was the result here?  I'm having the same issue.  Any idea why the course played in Flash only and not HTML 5?  This defies everything I understand to be true. 

HTML should work, because in theory it takes any issues with Flash out of the equation. 

I'd love to know the answer to this.  In the mean time, I'm going to have the vendor publish in Flash only and see in it works. 

This is a very helpful, but mind-numbing topic for us e-learning folks.  Any replies are welcome.

Kara Drury

We came to the conclusion that the issue was linked to the update to Articulate 360 several months back is where the issue started. The resolution that worked for us was changing the default publishing format (under properties in the publishing window) from "HTML5 / Flash" to "Flash / HTML5" which basically means HTML5 with Flash fallback. It worked with both IE and Chrome at that point. Try publishing in that format to see if it works for you.