Published Screens Never Show Complete on Progress Bar

I published my Presenter file to the Web and when playing it back, two of the screens don't show complete in the progress bar at the bottom even when all the audio has played.  In fact, one of the screens doesn't have any audio.  The progress bar counts off 5 seconds, but the total length of that screen is set to 6 seconds somehow, so it never shows complete.  The other screen is an Engage Tabs interaction.  Even when you listen to the complete audio in the introduction and all three tabs, the progress marker stops at 4:54 out of 5:15.  The other screens in the program operate correctly.  Any suggestions?

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Nancy Hyde

Actually, with the Engage Tabs interaction, I discovered that the problem was that I had put in a Summary that wasn't playing because I removed the arrows from the top bar.  I hadn't realized that summaries can only be accessed from those arrows.  I thought it would play automatically when all the tabs had been selected.  So I removed the summary and that solved the problem.

With the screen with no audio, it seems to be a Presenter bug that it automatically adds a second to the completion time of short screens.  When there was no audio, it stopped at 5 but had the total length at 6.  I put in a second of silence as audio, and it stopped at 1 but had the total length of the screen as 2 seconds.  It still counts the screen as complete (showing course complete or the next arrow), so it's not a big problem.