Published Version Issues in LMS

Greetings Heroes and Gurus!  I am having problems with SmartArt and embedded SWF files in a few of my modules.

SmartArt:  Whether it is still in the frame, or ungrouped and further customized, the full graphic does not appear correctly on the slide.  For instance, I have a Vertical Box List still in it's frame and the right side of the boxes are cut off, although they are nowhere close to the edge of the slide.  Later in the presentation, I have the exact same Vertical Box List, in the exact same posiiton on the slide (yes, I'm that much a perfectionist), and it looks perfect.  How can I have the same graphic in two places and one is cut off and the other perfect?  I've tried ungrouping the object, but it's the same deal - sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's cut off.

The swf file is an animated slide I published, then pulled the swf from the data folder (followed instructions from a forum post).  In preview mode and in the published version not loaded in the LMS it looks fine.  When the file was loaded into the course in the LMS, the swf basically "blew up" so most of it is hanging off the slide.

The file path for all modules is below the requisite 200 character length, and all work I do on my modules (because I'm a control freak in addition to being a perfectionist) is in my Articulate Projects folder on my C: drive.  Can anyone please help me troubleshoot these issues?  Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated!


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Brian Batt

Hi Steph,

If you have published a presentation and notice that some of your slide does not display in the published output it is likely you are not using a supported slide dimension. Please see: 

If the above link does not cure the issue, then the issue may be related to your DPI setting. Articulate products currently support 96 DPI. If your system’s DPI is set to 120, this can cause erratic behavior using Presenter ’09 and is not supported by Articulate. For more information, see the link below:

In regards to your SWF file, it sounds like the SWF was created without support for resizing.  For information on best practices when creating SWF files and importing them into Articulate, see the link below:

Stephanie Diaz

Hi Brian -

Thanks for the feedback.  I read through the links you provided and I always use the 4:3 ratio landscape for all my modules, and I never change my DPI from 96.

As for the SWF, I actually had an animated slide in Presenter that I published and re-inserted in a slide as a flash object.  Is there a special way to publish these items, since I'm not using Adobe Flash?  It looks like the flash settings in the third link references Adobe Flash for publishing.

Thanks for the help!

Brian Batt

Hi Stephanie,

When you insert the Articulate SWF file, you should choose the option to sync it independently of the slide.  If you continue to have issues, you'll need to find a way to publish that particular slide within the rest of your presentation instead of importing it as an SWF.

In regards to your other issues, please submit a support case so that we can take a closer look at the issue: