Published web object or hyperlink not working on Intranet

 Trying to utilize a hyperlink or web object (example below) in a module and receive the message below when accessing the module after being published to our Intranet.   The web object works fine when I access the module locally from our servers.  Any ideas or suggestons would be greatly appreciated.    Thanks.

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Steven Strell

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Christine Hendrickson said:

Hi Tony,

Please make sure you're accessing the project from the URL and not opening the html file from the intranet folder/file path. Your web browser will still see this as being viewed locally and restrictions may conflict with the playback of the project.


Can you explain this statement a little better? If I have a user download my training and have them double-click the launcher.html or presentation.html file, I am having the same issue, but only on Windows browsers. On my Mac, web objects play fine. What is the difference between double-clicking an html file and going to a URL for the file (and what would that URL look like for a local file anyway?).


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steven,

Christine has changed positions here at Articulate, so may not be in the forums as often.

I believe she was referring to opening the presentation.html file from within the published output folder on your local drive instead of placing all the published files within a web server and pointing to the URL, something like

Here is a bit more information about viewing web objects, and how they may not display when testing locally.