Published with FLV video turns to MP4

I recently upgraded from Studio 9 to Studio 13 (using the same LMS)...

Since upgrading to 13, when I publish my courses with FLV video inserted, it does not play back from the LMS. It appears that they convert to MP4 which is not supported by our LMS. In Studio 09, it worked fine.  The course comes up perfectly, just not the video.


Any suggestions?





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Todd Morse

Hi. It is banking content and I am unable to send. Is there someone I can
talk with?

The same flv file was used in '09 and it played in our LMS, when I moved to
'13 it seems that Articulate is publishing the flv as a mp4 in the
presentation content folder. Our system doesn't work with mp4s and it
worked great with 09

Todd Morse
904 910 5977

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Todd! We do not provide phone support, but you are welcome to check out the other support options here. If you work with our support team, the files are shared privately and we can sign an NDA if needed.

I'm still thinking though. We do have an issue with our QA Team related to FLV files with alpha channel transparency not working as expected. Could this be the same issue you are experiencing?

Todd Morse

It may be related. Our bank doesn't allow sending out any of our content.
So I won't be able to send the file.

We took the flv and ran it through Adobe Media encoder to ensure that the
flv included an alpha channel, but when published in Presenter 13, it come
out as an mp4 in three presentation

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks Todd!

FLV videos with alpha channel transparency are supported in Articulate Storyline's Flash and Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) output. There was an issue in earlier builds of Storyline where alpha channel transparency wasn't working as expected in published courses. This issue was fixed in Update 5. See this article for details. 

Leslie McKerchie

I apologize Todd, I had Storyline on the brain apparently :)

FLV alpha channel transparency is supported in Flash and Articulate Mobile Player output for Articulate Studio '13. However, FLV movies in HTML5 output are encoded as MP4 movies, meaning alpha channel transparency won't be maintained in HTML5 output. 

For full comparison of Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player output, see these articles:

If you will not be needing HTML5 output, you could remove this option during publishing, but if you will be needing it, I would advise converting your files to a different format so that they do not auto convert to MP4 since this is an issue with your LMS. Is it simply a matter of adding the MIME Type to the server?

Leslie McKerchie

So, choosing to publish as Flash only without HTML5 selected did not work for you either? This is hard to diagnose without seeing your file. Would you be able to share some screenshots with me? 

1. The slide that shows you have an FLV video added to your slide and you can blank out information.

2. The publish window with the options you are publishing with.

3. The output file where you are seeing the videos as mp4.

You are correct, we would expect this to work.

Billy Lochrie

Hi Leslie,

I'm having an issue just now with both swf and flv auto-converting to mp4 upon publishing.  My last software update was 23rd Sept so I'm sure I'm using the lastest version but still having issues.  Is alpha channel transparency a default expectation within swf or flv format or is it something I need to initiate?  If the latter, then how do I do that?  I have attached the swf version of the file that I am happy for you to look at and give advice on.  The flv format of the file was exact same approach.  :)


Leslie McKerchie

Yes Billy, I can see them in your project. I want to see it outside of the project. I see what you are reporting on publish so I'd like to look further into this. Please share individually.

Also please note that replying to the forums via e-mail attaches your signature and you are welcome to pop in and edit that if needed.

You will need to add your attachment from within the forums as well because replying via e-mail will not allow the attachment to come through.