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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Kim, yes, Articulate Presenter does create Flash output. The output consists of several files, but if you needed to embed a published Presenter course into a Storyline project, you could easily do that with Storyline's web object feature. However, another option that you might prefer, if you've already got content that you've built in PowerPoint/Presenter, is to just import that content into Storyline. Hope that helps!

Kim Taylor

thanks for the reply but i have just lost heart after another wasted day. i purchased storyline and whilst the software is good forsomeone as new as me to all this, the ouput mechanisms are totally defeating me.

i need to move my traditional paperbased distance learning to elearning. and i thought i would use moodle and articulate - big mistake.

not being a technical expert i need elegant easy solutions and i just find that it is impossible to get stoyline into moodle with anything other than scorm, and then it looks terrible bcause of the moodle interface which puts thierown player around it etc, etc. i had thought from all the blurb that you could create a flashfile which would then upload easily. and i could then crate a link that a learner would click on play the storyline output - how wrong an i.

the software is great, but the output options are just hopeless for me. so i think i will have to abandon it.

Phil Mayor

Hi Kim

You can edit your moodle theme to make the scorm window as unobtrusive as possible.  You can also minimise a lot of the the moodle player.  It is also possible to open within the current window instead of opening a new window.

You can still run a course in moodle without using scorm you could add it amd link to story.html or embed the story.html file in a moodle page