I've finally finished my first project. It's a presenter project but has some engage and quiz maker slides in it as well. When I had the choice of how to "publish" it, I chose the web option. I then uploaded the document to so that our web guy could access it.

He emailed me a link (I need some people to pilot before we launch) but no one can access the document. Everyone has to download it and once they do, they would need the articulate program in order to open it.

Can someone please tell me how I can "publish" this in a way that allows me to upload it to my company's website? If I publish it to disk and then give the disk to the web guy would that work? I need for this to be available on our website and for people without the program to be able to view it.




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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joy!

If you are publishing and sharing your content as shown here, your learners will not need the Articulate program to run your course.

Be sure that you are sharing all of the output files with your web server co-worker so that everything can be loaded correctly, then share the presentation.html link with your learners.