Publishing a Mongolian course.


Can someone help me? I've been trying to publish a course in Mongolian - not working. I've changed the publishing options to Non-western and even changed the language settings in Control Panel to Mongolian.

However, am unable to publish my course.

I have another issue with the engage interaction tab. It doesn;t display the Mongolian text that I enter, instead I can view question marks ???

Do let me know if anything can be done to resolve these issues.

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Chitra!

First, please make sure you're following the steps outlined in the following article:

Localizing your computer for other languages in Presenter

You may also want to try to change your player template so that it is "optimized" instead of scaling to fill the browser window. This can be changed by clicking on "Player Templates", going to the "Other" tab, and changing the presentation size option.  

If the problem continues, can you please explain exactly what happens when you try to publish the course?

Thanks very much!