Publishing Articulate Presenter Sample Course

They say no question is too dumb! Well, there is always a first...

I have been asked by my corporate recruiter to send her an example of my Articulate work, but since she does not have Articulate, it has to be an executable document. Do I necessarily have to publish, then, to a CD - or is there a way via LMS or WEb or What? (I would also like to share my short sample course to this Forum - for GENTLE feedback, but don't know how that might be done.

Thanks, as always,

Larry Brook

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Larry Brook

Brian, that's exactly it. If I am correct, then, you'd publish at as LMS - then upload it to Dropbox. Then I tell the person (who doesn't have Articulate) to go there, and they can view it.)

No need to reply if that is correct. (I actually thought of Drop Box, but I didn't know I was that smart!)