Publishing Assistance required

You have probably hear me rant about my never ending project that won't go away. It still won't go away. My current issue is that I just can't get it to publish with out glitches. I am desperate.

I was wondering if someone at Articulate or a good Hero friend would be willing to publish the program for me so that I can place it on my LMS.

I have submitted a case to support but unfortunately they were unable to help me.They did not find any issues but did not publish it as i require.

I need the program to be published as it should be for it to be distributed to learners.

Look for some help asap i have published the file at least 25 times in the last 2 weeks without success.

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Dwayne Schamp

I can probably do this tonight for you after my normal work hours, and have it up for you tomorrow morning, if I don't get the same issues you are having.

You can send me a private message and i'll get you my contact information.

Any more information about the course you can also add to the message