Publishing course on my website

I am in the process of having a continuing education website built and want to develop some courses using Articulate.  I need some help in understanding the best and easiest way to get my course on my website so that customers could go to my website and take the articulate course there.  Can anyone tell me how to go about doing that?  Thanks in advance for any help.

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Douglas Wangombe

Peter, mine is a slightly different problem.

I am developing some courses on contract and the company would like that I develop the course and leave it to their web administrator to upload onto the website. If I download the course on a flash disk, tell me how to guide the web Administrator to upload the course on to their website?

Alternatively, what is your advise taking into account that I am hired to develop the course from an external computer/external articulate software and the company is reluctant to give the server details or even a username and password for me to upload the course on to their website. It's actually my problem to get it done because I sold the idea of e learning to the company and I got to make it work at their terms.