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Brian Batt

Jennifer Tuman said:

Can I publish my course to a private google wiki? If so, how? Thanks.

Hi Jennifer & welcome to Heroes,

I did some research on this and Google doesn't allow individual files to be uploaded to those private sites.  So, you won't be able to integrate it unless you have a separate server that you can upload the files to and then use an iframe to "embed" the content into your wiki.

Brian Batt

ram subhash said:

Hi i have a strange issue with articulate when i caputre any application and make it as falsh movie and brought into Articulate when i export it to the web it is loosing its Quality it is luking fyn in the .exe file but looking blured in the web browser..

Hi Ram and welcome to Heroes,

It sounds like your presentation is set to open and fill the browser instead of locking the presentation at optimal size.  For information on how to set it to the optimal size, see the link below: