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Oct 11, 2013

Hi there.

We publish everything we do at 128 kpbs audio. With Presenter 09, I was able to make that change once for all time.  Right now I have to set it manually each time I work on a new presentation. Is there a way to make that setting stick from presentation to presentation?

Also, when I build a Player template, it seems to keep the presentation title of the file I'm working on. If I then want to use that template for another presentation, I have to remember to go edit the template again and change the presentation name. Is there a way to make it use the Title I'm already typing on the Publish screen?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joe,

There isn't a way to make the audio setting default across all presentations. 

In regards to your player, the title defaults to the name of your PowerPoint file, but you can use a different title by editing the text in the field provided.  If you change the title, it won't change the name of your actual PowerPoint file; it'll only change the title that displays on the player. If you'd prefer not to display a title on your player, uncheck the Title box. If you're using a Player template you've previously saved with a title in it, the title should update to your current file's title. 

joe Najera

Perhaps I'll submit a feature request to be able to set publish quality universally. It's annoying because we will have to remember to do this each time.

Also, for me, the behavior you describe for the Title is not  what I experience. when I use a template from another presentation, it retains the original presentation's title on publish. For example, I created the template while working on "PRJ500 Lesson 1". Now, when publishing "PBL201 Lesson 9", I have to manually replace "PRJ500 Lesson 1" in the Player editor, otherwise my presentation will still have that title.

So if that's not working the way it should be, should I submit a support case?


Paul Barker

Hi all.  Has there been any update on this?  The behaviour Joe describes with the title in a player template is what I see too and it is a real pain.  I should be able to save my settings in a template, but not have the title of the original file saved too.  It should take on the filename, as Ashley described, but it doesn't.

I considered logging this for Presenter 13 some time ago, and now I have noticed the same thing happens in Quizmaker.

I'd like to know if this issue is progressing and when a fix might be available.



John Denner

So is the title text changing to the saved player settings a feature? Example being... Get a file from an associate, the title is "How To Eat Food Without Using Your Feet (It Can Be Done!)" I apply saved player settings and the title changes to "Unweaving Baskets For Fun and Profit" which was what the title was when I originally saved the player settings. 

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