Publishing Files That Contain Quizzes Studio 09

If I edit a file that contains a quiz and then publish the file without updating the quiz (even through the file was previously saved - with the updated quiz in the same directory) the quiz will not run. The only work around I've found is that I have to update the quiz each and every time I edit the file. Needless to say that is frustrating. Does anyone have a solution to this annoying problem?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Tony,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulty with this. 

Please be sure that you are working locally with both your software and your project files and that your .ppta file has the same name as your .ppt file as well. Sounds like a disconnect may be happening.

Here is some information on the .ppta file and how that relates to your .ppt file.

Tony Morris


Thank you for your response.

All file are located on my local drive, the folder structure and files names do not exceed the Windows limitations and both the .ppt and. ppta file names are the same.

I can't for the life of me figure out why when I go in an edit an interaction, or even just a simple slide I have to overwrite/update the quiz file given that Articulate should retain the location of the file and it appears that it does. However, if I don't update the quiz file it will not run when published. A real pain.