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Feb 21, 2014

I had a question about publishing on mobile. When the company I work for publishes a course and puts it online, we charge our customers in order to use the courses. However, with the new mobile players it seems they might be able to bypass this step. With an I-pad, you have to use the articulate application in order to view the presentations. 

When we first published the files we didn't un-click the box to allow viewing when offline (which enables the user to download the file and watch it when they aren't online)

Now we do have it un-clicked and they aren't able to download it.

But for some reason this doesn't stop the user from being able to view the presentation as long as they have an internet connection. Even when we remove the presentation from our website.

So as long as our customer downloads and views the course once, they have it forever?

Is there a way to change this?

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Kevin Harris

Leslie, thank you for your response. However it still does not answer my question. Once the customer has viewed the course, they will then have that course forever in the library in their articulate application. This is troubling for a few reasons, one of which is that any time sensitive data will be incorrect. if we publish a new file, they will still have access to the incorrect files. Also, we charge for our presentations, so if one person purchases it then they will be able to share it with anyone, and do so indefinitely. 

We have tried to change settings within the publisher, however when a file is put on our site, and viewed on the ipad, even though they are not downloading the course, it is still stored in their personal library. is there a way that we can make sure that the customers always have the most up to date presentation or make sure that it gets deleted after the viewing?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kevin!

You cannot control a users library from their Articulate Mobile App, but if you removed the course from where it was hosted, it would no longer play. 

You're welcome to submit your concerns in as a feature request so that our development team will see them.
You may want to look at publishing for HTML5 only, as that way they'd need a link to access the course (presumably from within your subscription website) and that would prevent them from having it saved with the library. Before making the switch, you'll want to look at the comparison chart as there are some limitations within the HTML5 output. 

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