Publishing or preview takes very long


I am new to Articulate and currently testing it. I have a Powerpoint document that contains about 40 slides and no interactions.

When publishing the process takes almost 8 minutes. Is this a normal behaviour or are there techniques to speedup the process?

In general: Is there a limit of the number of slides one can use in a presentation?

Thanks for your help.


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Brian Batt

Hi Frank & welcome to Heroes,

Publishing time will depend upon your system specs and your particular environment including hard drive speed, RAM, and more.  If you're working off of a network or Flash drive, we recommend moving your project to your local hard drive.

In regards to the limit of slides, there's not really a limit.  Rather, this more likely depends on your target audience.  You wouldn't want to create a 500 slide presentation for individuals that will be accessing the course using a dialup connection.