Publishing presenter content onto Moodle- HELP!

May 25, 2011

Hi everyone.  I am very new to the whole world of developing e-learning, so the answer to my question may seem pretty obvious to some of you.  I have just started to use Articulate and have enjoyed developing some simple presentations.  I will be using Moodle to host the content and I have become stuck trying to publish it. I can understand what I need to do to publish ,but I can't work out what file I should be uploading to Moodle. Hope this makes sense!

Would appreciate any guidance. 

Thanks, Lorna

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Phil Mayor

Hi Lorna

If you want track, you need to publish as scorm 1.2 (moodle is only partially scorm 2004 compliant, but is does work I have tried this morning)

You then need to zip your published file, it is best to use articulate, but if you want to zip yourself do not zip the published folder, highlight the files within the folder and choose zip.

This is because the manifest file needs to be in the root directory of the zip file

In moodle within the course you want to upload,

Choose add an activity

Choose scorm/aicc

Give the activity a name and description

Click choose or upload a file

upload your zip file

select choose (on right hand side) once the zip has uploaded (do not unzip your zip file)

Select your settings for tracking

I always set the stage size to 100% width and height

Open in new window

Allow window to be resized

I always diaable preview (as it makes my moodle hang)

Hope this all makes sense


Silvia Vantusso

Hi to everybody,

I have same problem of Lorna. I followed Phil's instruction, but the hangs anyway.

As I do not need to track the course (there will be a separate test for it) my solution was to an upload as follows:

Add resource

Link to file as web

Choose a file


Everything worked fine upload and course functionality, bu I have a new problem!!! When I try to update the resource after some changes in original project, always old project is displayed!!!

So now I have 2 problems: the first one is the hang of a course if I upload it as SCORM activity, the second is the update of a course uploaded as resource link to file as web.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help!


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