Publishing Presenter Presentation created from Presenter Package


There's been some talk on the forums about using presenter packages as a template of sorts when creating additional lessons.  I know there's an issue if you rename the .pptx file within the package because then it's no longer linked with the resources stored in the .ppta file.  I just want to make sure I understand how to avoid any resulting issues that might be caused by this, so here's my situation:

I created Lesson 1 and published it.  Then, I created a presenter package out of Lesson 1 and saved the package in a new location. I have not renamed any of the files within the package, but I reworked and changed some of the contents of Lesson 1 to create Lesson 2 (the file name is still "Lesson 1").  I'm now at the point where I would like to publish Lesson 2.  However, I would like the published title of this newest presentation to be Lesson 2. When I click the Publish button, if I were to change what's currently in the "Published Title" field, to Lesson 2, would this break the link between my .pptx file and the .ppta file?  I guess my biggest concern is that when the students open Lesson 2, I would like the title at the top of the Presenter to accurately reflect the title of the lesson they are working on, so as not to cause confusion.

Thanks in advance!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Elizabeth!

I believe you should be fine with what you're wanting to do. I think the issue you're referring to, changing the PPTX file, refers to altering the file names after they've been added to a package. If you're going to save this in a new package, it shouldn't even touch the old one.

However, if you want to be safe, you can save the presentation as another file entirely. Just "Save As" Lesson 2, save it in a separate file, then publish it as Lesson 2. 

If you have any other questions, or need any help with this, just let me know.