Publishing Problems - Engage Interactions not updating, PPT crash

I'm having a lot of trouble publishing a large presentation, with 97 slides including a number of interactions.

1.  When I republish to update the presentation, the slides update OK, but the interactions do not.

2.  I've had a number of Powerpoint crashes while publishing is in progress.

So I'm wondering if there's a limit, in practice of not in theory to the size a presentation can be. I could break this one into parts if I had to.

And is there any reason the interactions are not updating? The settings are that it should update on publishing.

I also get a prompt saying that Powerpoint does not ;like the Presenter add-in, do i want to disable. I click No, and all then seems to work OK. I have reinstalled Studio 9 in case there was a problem there.

Can anyone detect a common thread to all this? I'm at a loss what to do next.

I would be grateful for clues!

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Tony Mills


I replied to that by email, saying I would work through those fixes.

But, I need to publish the presentation asap so while I play around with the desktop, I copied the entire folder containing the course to my laptop, which also has Articulate installed. I tried to publish overnight from the memory stick, but by morning that seemed to have locked up so I cancelled it, and transferred the folder to the laptop hard SSD. 

I then got the red screen as below, which I did not see when using the stick.

The Powerpoint file is 430 Mb or so.Is that just too large?