Publishing quiz problem: non-local drive VS local drive on RDC

Hello Articulate community,

I am the only person at my organization who understands advanced aspects of Articulate. So everyone is looking to me for answers, which I don't have!

When I use Articulate, I have a "Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac".  I open the client from my Mac screen and it connects to my other windows computer. I can use all the functions of the Windows inside the client screen on my Mac.

I have had problems with quizes non-working after publishing.  I have been to this help page Quizmaker quiz in published presentation does not load during playback.

This help page suggests: Be sure to publish your presentation to a location on your local hard drive (your C: drive).  Publishing to a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior.

My question is: Am I really publishing to a local drive IF I am using the RDC to connect to a different computer? If I save to the desktop of the RDC is that a local drive or a non-local drive.       When I publish to the desktop of the RDC, sometimes the quizes fail to load, so I have to reinsert them inside Presenter and re-publish

Thanks so much for your help.  My org is looking to me for answers, ....... and 2 months ago I didn't even know what Articulate or e-learning was! 

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