Publishing stops at slide 40...

I have a presentation that contains 56 slides.  When I publish for the web, the process continues up to slide 40 then stalls forever.  When I try to preview slide 40, that also stalls.  In fact, slides after slide 40 also cannot be previewed.  I have tried removing all animation from the slide but to no avail.

Any and all suggestions appreciated and if you need or want a copy of the .pptx file, I will be happy to provide.


Peter C Moyer

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Peter Moyer

I have been trying various things without success.  I have completely removed slide 40 and publishing stops at slide 3. Even if I put slide 40 in a deck by itself, I cannot publish.  I am attaching the presentation to see if anyone can save me



Nancy Woinoski

Hi Peter, you didn't say what version of Presenter or PowerPoint you are using, but I pulled down your slides and tried to preview them in Studio 13 /PowerPoint 2013 and it crashed the Articulate application (and now the Articulate plugin won't work) so I'm not sure what is going on with your files.

I know I had a similar problem with Presenter years ago and it was a slide with a  lot of text that was causing the problem. Apparently it is harder for applications to render text then it is images.  I think your best bet at this point is to contact Articulate support and submit a case. 

Here is the link to submit a case.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nancy and Peter,

Thanks for helping out here, Nancy!

Peter - I wasn't able to find a support case for this. If you've already sent over the files, can you share the case number so I can take a look?

If you haven't submitted a file yet, can you tell us which version of Studio you're currently using?