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Needing some help publishing to AICC in that I need to know what files I need to load to my LMS.  I've looked at the entry on the Articulate site and it shows that there should be an AICC Course Files folder published within my output folder.  I'm not getting that, but I am getting 4 files titled "course" with the file extensions of .au, .crs, .CST and .des.  Are those the files I need to zip/upload to my LMS?  Any guidance appreciated.  Also, apologies if this should have been filed under the "General" section.  Using Office 2010 and SumTotal LMS.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Brian!

Check out this link instead:

It includes more thorough instructions, as well as an excellent tutorial from our very own Jeanette Brooks. And please feel free to come on back if you have any other questions. Happy holidays!

Brian Carrender

Thanks, Peter.  I understand how to publish courses just fine.  It's what (if anything) I need to separate from the output folder that's got me befuddled.  I understand that the data, lms and player folders along with the .html files need to reside on our internal web server, but what about the files I mentioned previously?  Do I load those to the LMS or do they stay with the folders & html files?  Or are these questions for my LMS administrator?  Thanks!

Peter Anderson

Hey Brian,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Per this super-handy article on troubleshooting Articulate/LMS issues, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing the following when creating a course to upload to your LMS:

  1. Select Articulate -> Publish (in Quizmaker, click Publish).
  2. Select LMS.
  3. Select the Output Option corresponding to that supported by your LMS:
    • SCORM 1.2
    • SCORM 2004
    • AICC
  4. Set desired Reporting and Tracking options (more on this below).
  5. Upload the course to your LMS:
    • SCORM: Upload the generated zip file to your LMS.
    • AICC: Upload the published course & specify the correct launch URL in the course.aufile (point to index_lms.html).
  6. Ensure your LMS is pointing to index_lms.html to launch the course (not to player.html or any other HTML file).

If you are following this process correctly, then any error you’re seeing is likely due to an issue with your LMS or the method within the LMS you’re using to upload the zip package. It’s also a good idea to check with your LMS provider to see what they have to say about any issues or error messages you may be encountering. Hope that's more helpful!

Clayton Crabtree

Hi Peter,

I also have the same question as Michael. Our LMS supports AICC 4, using a JavaScript API to pass messages from the AU to the CMI (LMS). When you publish a project  in Articulate or Presenter to LMS using AICC, it creates four course description files... .au, .crs, .cst and .des files. The .au file specifies the launch URL of the AU. One of the key pairs in this file, "web_launch", is intended for use in specifying the communication binding, whether CMI will be equal to HACP or API. Articulate does not fill this key value in. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Clayton,

This thread is a bit older, but I haven't seen any additional information in terms of a change in our AICC support - so it seems you're on a different version than Peter previously mentioned.  Although we don't support modifying the published output - it seems that you're able to access these files, have you looked at changing the information there to accommodate your set up?