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Sep 08, 2011

I am new to LMS and Articulate. Can someone explain the information in the Reporting tab for me. Specificially regarding Title and Identifier in each section. Which is shown in the LMS catalogue that the learner sees? How is the other Labeled information use? Thank you. Fay

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Stefano Posti


each LMS that is SCORM compliant can import SCORM packages.

An LMS generally allows publishing of different courses, each made of different stuff (a Word or PDF document, a Video, a web page, or a "real" piece of course, like a SCORM package.

Scorm Title and Identifier, and all the other fields you see are used to store packages data in the LMS Database.

Then each LMS allows different naming of a scorm package (so you could assing a Title to a Course module, as you like); but those info published are very important and mandatory for the LMS in order to refer the package, especially when tracking users activity.

For more details, start from this post.:

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Fay Yocum

Thank you Stefano. I have more information regarding the process.

But specificially which item Title or Identifier is used in the LMS system in the course selection area and which is used on the transcript? A friend has reported having specific names in the actual publishing dialog boxes, but the displayed name in the catalogue appears to be taken off the first page of the presentation. Or said another way how is Title and Identifier used by the LMS?

We are part of a multi-state multi-facility corporation. We want to be able to see which facility is actually publishing which course so we want to see in Facility Initials_Course Name in the catalogue for sorting purposes but don't want that name on the Toitle slide.

Thank you.

Stefano Posti

Look, you should try to create a Course in your LMS.

You should be able to give your course a name, before importing course data, and that name is the one shown in the browser window, generally....

the Title name in the Articulate LMS Reporting tab its the LMS Title Label to be stored in the database.

It could be shown by the Scorm Player, or not; it really depend on what LMS you have, and you should ask your LMS Administrator...

Carmen Toro

I am new to LMS. My question is when I publish to LMS where to I direct the user when the pass the quiz. Currently they go to an  registration page that is not part of the LMS. I am using the SCORM Cloud and it seems that even if the user passes the quiz the info is not getting passed to the SCORM Cloud. 

Screenshots attached.


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